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Morning Motivation


What are you working towards? set your goals high, all it takes is a little hard work.




New Beginings



It’s been a while, but I’m back! Over the last year I have been bounced around  to two new gyms in the denver area at which I have met so many AMAZING new clients, taught packed boot camps and even instructed a kindergarten class on how to live a healthy life. Lots of personal and professional changes. In the next week I will be making the biggest change so far, and will be moving back home to San Diego! I am transferring to a new 24 Hour Fitness location in La Jolla at which I will be training a few clients and starting up another awesome boot camp! So for all of my readers, friends, clients (old and new) I want to stay in touch and continue to provide you with recipes, exercises and workouts. Make sure to subscribe so that you can get my updates each week as I try to continue to inspire and motivate you!


Functionally Fit Today for a better, stronger, sexier you!


Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body for the activities performed in daily life.

As a certified personal trainer working for 24 hour fitness my goal is to help my clients become a stronger, more healthy, and confident version of themselves. Through resistance training (or weight training), balance training, core training, cardiovascular training, and nutritional education I help them achieve their goals! Functional training makes us feel better on a daily basis, have the strength to preform any task we may be presented with, and look good doing it- now who doesn’t want that!

LCFitness.com is going to become a haven for training tips, recipes, helpful articles and eventually training videos. Stay tuned, and spread the word- there is MUCH more to come!

– Lauren