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I’m Tired of this Question… Here’s a Solution


“When will all of these New Year’s Resolutioners just give up and leave our gym already?”

Wow. After working in a large, corporate gym setting for the past four January’s I have heard this question (or some variation of it) more times than I could ever count. The past three years when asked this question I would always smile, giggle and tell the person asking me to just simply wait it out. “Don’t worry, by the first week of March, they’ll all be gone”. I feel bad admitting it but honestly, I just wanted to train my clients without having to fight with people over equipment.

I’m a horrible person. Correction. I WAS a horrible person. I’m not sure what changed in my brain but this year I get a little bit mad when I hear this question.

Why should we want people to give up after two months? Shouldn’t we get excited because of all the newly motivated people surrounding us? This year I am SO proud of everyone who bombardes my small training area and congests the Cardio room. In fact, these “new year’s resolutioners” have inspired me. Thank you to all of the newly motivated people, I hope you can find happiness in living a healthy lifestyle and choose to stick with the daily dose of physical activity.

IF you are one of my fellow gym junkies who hates this time of year, try and see the positive. Congratulate the newbies for actually joining and taking the first step to committing to a life of good health.

NOW… IF you just can’t stand it, here is another great at home workout!

ALL LEGS Pyramid

Go through this whole pyramid once. THEN repeat two more time….Oh yeah! your legs are going to hurt…Make sure to rest in between pyramids and drink a nice big glass of water.

50 Squats

30 lunges

10 toe touches (lay on your back with legs straight up and reach hand up towards toes)

30 second wall sit (arms up!)

100 Jumping Jacks

30 second wall sit (arms up!)

10 toe touches

30 lunges

50 squats

Now ask yourself again why you didn’t want to go to the gym?? haha enjoy this, your booty will thank you later 🙂


Make Cardio Fun- Plyometrics!



There are times when I know I have to do cardio and all I want to do is cry. However, Plyometrics are an amazing way to burn calories, get your heart rate up and act as a substitute once a week for those painful 30 minutes on the stair mill. Mixing it up not only helps with you desire to get back in the gym the next day, but it also forces your body to have to keep up and change with you. So try these out and you may find the fun in cardio again!

Take these 4 exercises, do each for 30 seconds, rest 30 seconds in between each and go through all four 3 times.

1. Butt Kicks

Target Muscles: hamstrings, glutes, calves

How to do it: Stand with your feet hip-width apart, arms at your sides and elbows bent. Jump and bend one leg behind you to draw your heel toward your glutes; on your next jump, switch legs. Continue, alternating quickly, for your entire set.

2. High Knees

Target Muscles: glutes, quadriceps, calves

How to do it: Begin in the same starting position as the butt kicks. As you jump, raise your knee in front of your body, alternating legs with each jump. Land lightly on the ball of your foot, and aim to get your knees as high as possible. Repeat for your set.

3. Jumping Jacks

Target Muscles: leg adductors and abductors, calves, deltoids

How to do it: Stand with your feet together, arms at your sides. Jump your legs out to the sides while raising your arms above your head; your body should form an X[A]. Immediately jump back into the starting position[B], and continue quickly alternating with each jump.


4. Squat Jumps

Target Muscles: glutes, quadriceps

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Bend your legs to sink into a squat; at the bottom, explode upward into the air, raising your arms overhead to help you gain height. Land with soft knees and immediately sink back into your squat. Repeat for your entire set.





Workout of the Week- 6.6.10- A quick, anytime, anyplace pick-me-up workout


From here out, My intention is to supply you all with one solid total body workout every sunday that you can try throughout the week and keep in your “tool belt” for those days you just don’t know what to do, but want to workout. Please try them and give me feedback- I want to know what you think and how you feel! Throughout the course of the week I will supply recipes, stretches, testimonials and any other fun tidbits of info I might come across and feel like sharing!

So subscribe and check back in, often!

Here it goes:

Workout of the Week- 6.6.10

This workout is a great one that is great, tough and can be done by all skill levels. Fantastic times and places for this workout are:

  • In the morning before leaving the house to spike your metabolism and set a healthy tone for the day- trust me- you’ll feel awesome and more energized!
  • While traveling- whether you do it in a hotel room, fitness center, on the beach, a rooftop deck, or even the middle of a tropical jungle you  don’t need ANY equipment for this workout and all you need is basically an arms width distance around you.
  • In the park, or back home after your run/walk- since your heart rate will already be up, why not add this to the end and finish strong!

Complete all 4 exercises back to back resting at the end for 30 sec. and then starting back from the beginning. repeat 4 times through.

1. 20 Body Weight Squats

2. 30 Jumping Jacks

3. 10 push-ups (however you can do them, knees, toes, feet on ground hands on counter or other raised surface)

4. 20 crunches

Remember: try to do them all back to back without stopping in between and then resting once you complete all four. Then continue on to the next round.

Have a wonderful week!

Train hard. Eat clean. Live happy.