My name is Lauren Fellows and I am a Master Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Performance Enhancement Specialist. I am based out of San Diego, CA with a passion for training hard, pushing myself and other, and healthy cooking. Growing up in San Diego has lead to my other passion of being out in the sun whether I am running, biking, playing kickball, softball, volleyball, swimming,hiking, wake boarding, snowboarding… I love to be active and outside. However, living in Colorado for the last 7  years has allowed me to discover the joys and opportunities of working out indoors (thank you winter) while also expanding my repertoire of outdoor activities . I have no shame in admitting that I am a “gym rat” and love showing off with my “fancy” push-ups in front of all the heavy lifters.

As a Personal Trainer I not only help my clients to achieve their goals but I push them to become better, stronger and happier versions of themselves, inside and out. If you do not love yourself on the inside- you will never love yourself on the outside. Being happy and fit affects all aspects of our lives positively and I want to spread that to all.

I am COMMITTED to inspiring the changing of lives through fitness.


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  1. Hi Lauren,
    We had an hour together last Wednesday. I sure enjoyed working out with you. You mentioned a group at the park, and the leader does training at Red Rocks. Could you tell me more about when and where that class meets?

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