How did you start YOUR day?

Here’s how I started mine today… (Leaving out the boring stuff, of course)

1. On my trusty Yoga mat (which has finally found a home in the house ) I went through a few minutes of nice, relaxing, total-body static stretches.

First comes Hips, then Quads, the Glutes of course and Hamstrings (always my worst). I always spend a few moments stretching out my lower back then move on to my Chest, Lats and whatever else I feel needs a little stretch.

2. After setting my body straight for the day, and since I felt like sleeping in a bit this morning, I did a few body-weighted exercises to get the blood pumping. It always takes some effort to get myself to do a workout in the house (Especially if I decide that I’m not getting in my early gym workout.) but today I did. Here’s how it went…

            1. 300 Body Weight Squats

            2. 100 Alternating Reverse Lunges

            3. 50 Push-ups

            4. 50 Reverse Crunches (aka leg lifts)

            5. 60 second plank x 2                 


3. Finally, my favorite part of the morning!!! BREAKFAST!!!

First I made my morning smoothie… I have officially taken the Green MONSTER and injected it with some CRAZY powers (and extra powders). It looks scary and smells of grass, but trust me, your body will LOVE you!!! Here is everything you need:

 Everything you need is in this photo:

1tablespoon Chia Seeds, 1tablespoon Maca Powder, 1 scoop Vanilla Whey Protein, 3-5 handfuls Baby Spinach, 1/3 C frozen Berries, 1 heaping tablespoon Vitaminerals Green Powder and some water!

Yum Yum YUMMMM!!!

Along with my smoothie (which  I drink on my way to work AND because I LOVE to eat), I also have a slice of gluten-free toast with sunflower seed butter on it. My body tends to go through carbs incredibly quick in the morning so in order to have enough energy for my morning clients I always make sure to have some slower-digesting carbs to help out. This bread (or bread substitute, since I have recently removed gluten from my diet) is delicious and does the trick . The healthy fats in the sunflower seed butter are masked by the unreal taste…just make sure to not get carried away. One tablespoon is ALL you need 🙂

And off to work I go! Enjoy and If you have any questions about the stretches or exercises let me know!!!


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