H.I.I.T Class Workout


For the Past 5 months I have been teaching a class called H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training). The class is heavily influenced by Tabata training. The main portion of class consists of about 6- 8 exercises which you do each exercise, one at a time for 20 sec, then rest for 40 sec, immediately followed by 40sec on and 20 sec rest, immediately followed by 60 sec on and then a minute of rest to transition to the next exercise. To ramp up the cardio I added in 1-2 minutes of weighted jump-roping (hold light weights unless you own a weighted rope) after every two exercises. Because of the quick and intense bursts of energy, this workout creates the optimal calorie burn. Unless of course you aren’t giving it your all (or at least 80% of your all 🙂 ).

Here is the workout I used for the month of June, make sure to add in a light warm-up and follow it up with some abs and a nice stretch. Have fun!!

1. Dumbbell (or Kettle Bell) Swings

This photo is great! keep your back flat, chest out and squeeze your glutes and abs as you stand to make sure you protect your lower back. You should feel this in your shoulders, upper back, booty, quads and abs!

2. Dumbbell Plank Row

This is another fantastic total body/ core based exercise. Make sure to keep a flat back and tuck those hips under you to ensure your abs are tight and your butt stays down. You should feel this in your upper back, shoulders, abs and legs.


1. Pike Jump-ins

This is much different from a traditional pike jump. You are going to start in a high push-up position (arms straight, back flat , legs straight and tight). Then you want to drop your head down and jump your legs in towards your chest while keeping your legs straight. Then jump your legs back. At the peak of the exercise, your body should look like and up-side down V. ** My favorite thing to yell during this exercise in my class is, “butt goes up, head goes down!!!”

2. Floor Dips

Feel the triceps BURN!!!

Make sure to keep hips elevated. Also, the more straight your legs are, the harder it will be! PUSH YOURSELF 🙂


1. Lunge, Lunge, squat

This is exactly like the name says. Do a reverse lunge with your right leg, then a reverse lunge with your left leg- bring them together (hip-shoulder width apart) and do one squat. Repeat and love it.

2. In and Out Push-Ups

This one is also exactly as the name says. First do one traditional push-up with your hands wide

Then follow it up by moving your hands in and doing a triceps push-up.


Try this one out and let me know how it goes!!!


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