Holiday Workout Part-1


With Holiday season in full swing, I am going to start a 3-part series. I will be focusing each time on getting our HR up quickly and maintaing it while doing a circuit workout with a specific focus on different parts of the body.

Here is part 1- we will focus on shoulders. With toned shoulders, comes toned arms. Here is a quick breakdown on the muscles that make up our shoulder complex.

The three main muscles that make up the shoulder complex are the Front, Middle, and Rear Deltiods. In this workout we will do specidic exercises to target and work each specific muscle to build optimal strength and tone for the entire shoulder complex.

Here is a perfect, yet extremely silly photo to demonstrate the Shoulder Complex:

haha Muscle Man!!!

Okay, on to the workout!

1. Tuck Jumps

Start with feet hip width apart, do two small jumps then do one explosive jump bringing your knees up toward your chest. allow for two small jumps in between each tuck jump, try not to exceed two. Keep going for one minute.

2. Overhead shoulder press

Sitting is optional, however it is the easiest way to make sure you are not arching your back. Engage your core and stay as strong as solid as you can. Start arms at 90 degrees, press over head and return to 90 degrees.

3. Lateral shoulder raise

Same thing here, keep that core engaged and try not to swing your body at all.

4. Front shoulder raise

5. Rear Deltoid fly

Check out Gabby’s perfect form!

Again, Keep your core engaged, strong stance, chin down and dont swing!

6. Side Plank

7. Burpees

Complete 3 sets of 12 reps for each workout. For the side plank, burpees and tuck jumps go for one minute straight, three times through (side plank, dont forget to do both sides!).

I would love feed back! Let me know how it goes and In the next week expect part 2!




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