officially back into action…


Its fall! not only does this mean changing leaves (sorry San Diego readers… you’ll have to come visit to experience this), pumpkins and Candy Corn buuuuut it also means cooler weather and more clothes. I have noticed that at this time of year my clients ( and yes, I am guilty of this too) tend to find more excuses to not make into the gym or to their workouts. It is easy this time of year to just cover ourselves up since tank tops and bikinis are no longer an option (unless youre one of my San Diego readers…grr). Either way- why not use this time of year and change in temperature to channel spare time to warming ourselves up with a workout so we can look super hot in our new jeans with killer boots?! In honor of this change of season ( my favorite of the year) here is a fantastic (and easy) butt, and hips and leg workout that can be done anywhere! Enjoy!

Fall “Lower half” Workout

This workout is designed in two circuits go through circuit one three times through then move on and do the same with circuit 2.

Circuit 1

**I LOVE doing this circuit with a 25lb plate or a set of dumbbells. I use the same plate or set of dumbbells for each exercise- makes it easy and quick- fuss free!**

1) Walking Lunge


This is more like it


You can either walk the length of 24 lunges or, if you are limited on space, do 24 total alternating each leg. Don’t let your front knee go over your front toes, keep your shoulders back and never let that back knee touch the floor (it take much more muscle control to keep it from dropping all the way down). If using weight, either hold in front of chest or at sides. For an extra challenge hold the weight with straight arms over your head!

2) Dead-Lift

Dont forget- the KEY to a proper romanian dead-lift (remember- we are targeting the hamstrings an glutes) is to feel the stretch in the back of your legs. REMEMBER- flat back, chest out, butt out, slight bend in the knees…keep that in mind and your form will be perfect every time.

20 repetitions

3) Wall Sit

That’s right- think back to middle school basketball practice. 90 degrees angle bend in the knees, back flat and LIFT YOUR TOES… ahhh feel the burn! For a challenge- place that weight on your lap.

Hold for 60-90 seconds… breathe.

Circuit 2:

Floor Bridge

These old school bad boys really get the glutes and hamstrings firing- Keep feet and knees hip-width apart (don’t let them collapse in). Lower hips without touching the floor and lift, do 20 repetitions.

What to do with your hands? You can either place them out to your sides or stretched out over your head, for a nice latissimus dorsi stretch.


Step-Ups are amazing! Start on one leg, come up into a balance and bing foot back to the floor. For a challenge don’t remove the leg you stepped up with from the box, bench, kitchen chair (whatever you have). Don’t forget to keep your glutes and core activated! Also, try doing this while holding some weight, you can go as heavy or as light as your body will allow.

Do 12 repetitions on each leg.

Squat Jumps

Simple enough…muahaha. Squat down, with feet hip-width apart. Descend into a parallel position and then drive up as high as possible, making sure to consciously push as hard as you can through your ankles, knees, and hips. Upon landing, attempt to absorb the load of the jump by landing on the front half of your feet and then sinking back onto your heels as the hips descend into the next squat.

Do 20 repetitions and rest!

Enjoy and let me know how it goes!!!


Train hard. Eat clean. Live happy.




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