This summer- I fell in love.


Although I have lived in Colorado for the past 5 years (wow, time flies) My time spent in the mountains has been limited to snowboarding trips and the many drives back and forth from San Diego. This summer however, after some life changes, and being chastised one too many times for not doing enough “Colorado” things- I decided to change that. In between working two jobs, attempting to start a blog, hanging out with my 16year old mentee and a littttle bit of travel I also found my true love- The mountains. 4  14,000 ft. peaks, multiple trips up in Chautauqua park in Boulder, kayaking near Copper, and trail running all over has shown me places and sights I would have never thought existed. Being at the top of a 14,000 ft. peak with no one else around will truly take your breath away. I used to think these stereotypical Coloradans were nuts, however…I think I’m quickly turning into one. I now own a Camelback backpack and have set one goal for myself- I will climb AT LEAST 4 more 14,000 ft. peaks by the end of the season. I will keep you posted… time to get hiking!

Here are a few photos from my adventures

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