Arm Tone and Sculpt- perfect summer travel workout!


Its been a little while, and for that ,I apologize. I have spent the last week or so making some metaphorical “life lemonade”… lots of lemons lately. But from that I bring you a great, body weight only, arm-sculpting workout- I don’t know how that all actually ties in but we’ll go with it. This workout can be taken with you on vacation, done in your family room while the kids play legos and barbies, or in the gym when you just don’t feel like touching those yucky weights (I love weights but sometimes its nice to take a little break). Follow it in order or mix and match, whatever you do, push yourself. Just because it is bodyweight only doesn’t mean its easy- in fact put it into perspective and think about that weight (in comparison to those 12.5lb dumbbells). You get yourself off of the floor when theres no room on the couch, so why can’t you do an up-up-down-down (don’t worry-  you’ll know this one in no time)?  Here it is, enjoy!

1. Crab dip to push-up

  • Sit on floor and place hands on either side of hips, fingers pointing towards heels. Position feel hip-width apart in front of you, knees bent 90degrees , feet flexed, heels on the floor.
  • Press through palms to lift hips about 4 inches off floor balancing body between heels and hands.
  • Bend elbows and lower hips toward floor until butt barely touches, then straighten arms and return to start.
  • Complete 5
  • Then walk body over legs to a push-up positions (or modified push-up on your knees)
  • complete 5 push-ups.
  • repeat through 3 times so that 15 reps have been completed of each exercise

2. Up-up-down-down

  • start in basic plank position

  • From plank press body up with right arm, followed by the left to come up into a high plank position
  • Once in high plank position, lower body back to the low plank leading with the right arm, followed by the left.
  • Complete 10 full up-up-down-downs leading with the right arm, then 10 with the left.

3. Down dog to up dog

  • Start in yoga pose, Downward facing dog

  • Lower chest to floor and through hands into upward facing dog pose
  • Push body back up into downward facing dog
  • Continue through entire cycle 15 times

4. Shoulder circles

  • Stand tall with arms straight out at shoulder height
  • make small forward circles while keeping arms strong  for 30 seconds
  • reverse direction of circles and continue for 30 seconds

Finish circuit and repeat through 3 times. Allow yourself 30 seconds rest in between each exercise and one minute in between each full cycle.

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Train hard. Eat clean. Live happy.



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