Total Body Burner- a Personal Favorite!


Happy Monday!

First I have to say that while I was out and around town this weekend I ran into two old friends, and within the first minute of conversing they mentioned that they have been reading up on here! They weren’t the first but it is still crazy to hear that people are actually reading! I can’t even describe how awesome that feels!!

Thank you SO much for reading and in return, here is one of my all-time favorite workouts!

This workout can be done by just about anyone and can be modified many different ways. Feel free to play around with it and let me know if you come up with anything unique!

We’ve got 6 exercises here and you can either break it up into two groups of three going through each set of three, three times. Or my personal favorite (it’s killer!) is to do all 6 back to back 3x through for time. Push yourself and see what you can do!

Last time I pushed through all 6 exercises back to back x3 I did it in 10:22– Let me know how you do!

1. Body Pull-Ups

Reps: 15

For this one, the lower the bar is, the harder it will be. Best place for this one is either a squat rack or smith machine.

2. Squat to Overhead Press

Reps: 20

Take your pick with this one- barbell or dumbbells will work just great

4. Push-ups
Reps: 10-20 (depending on your experience level) Push yourself!

5. Dumbbell Swings

Reps: 15

6. Jump Lunges

Reps: 20

If Jumping is too much for now, do a basic lunge, in place- 10 on each leg

Don’t forget– Your goal is to do it all three time through! Keep your core activated all throughout and time yourself and let me know how it goes!

Have a great week! Enjoy one of my favorites!!!

Train hard. Eat clean. Live happy.



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