Workout of the Week- 6.6.10- A quick, anytime, anyplace pick-me-up workout


From here out, My intention is to supply you all with one solid total body workout every sunday that you can try throughout the week and keep in your “tool belt” for those days you just don’t know what to do, but want to workout. Please try them and give me feedback- I want to know what you think and how you feel! Throughout the course of the week I will supply recipes, stretches, testimonials and any other fun tidbits of info I might come across and feel like sharing!

So subscribe and check back in, often!

Here it goes:

Workout of the Week- 6.6.10

This workout is a great one that is great, tough and can be done by all skill levels. Fantastic times and places for this workout are:

  • In the morning before leaving the house to spike your metabolism and set a healthy tone for the day- trust me- you’ll feel awesome and more energized!
  • While traveling- whether you do it in a hotel room, fitness center, on the beach, a rooftop deck, or even the middle of a tropical jungle you  don’t need ANY equipment for this workout and all you need is basically an arms width distance around you.
  • In the park, or back home after your run/walk- since your heart rate will already be up, why not add this to the end and finish strong!

Complete all 4 exercises back to back resting at the end for 30 sec. and then starting back from the beginning. repeat 4 times through.

1. 20 Body Weight Squats

2. 30 Jumping Jacks

3. 10 push-ups (however you can do them, knees, toes, feet on ground hands on counter or other raised surface)

4. 20 crunches

Remember: try to do them all back to back without stopping in between and then resting once you complete all four. Then continue on to the next round.

Have a wonderful week!

Train hard. Eat clean. Live happy.



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  1. Good little workout! I really didn’t feel like makin it to the gym today, so this was a great alternative. Now I feel better about sitting on the couch and watching the world cup. Thanks Lauren!

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